Auburn University

Epsilon Eta Chapter

Dear sisters, alumnae, friends, and visitors, 

Welcome to the Epsilon Eta chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma's website! Please feel free to explore our page to learn more about what makes our chapter so unique here on Auburn's campus. 

My name is Eleanor Clements, and I have the privilege of serving as this year’s Chapter President. I am from Cleveland, Ohio studying Marketing. In my role, I oversee all Vice Presidents, Directors, and committee members to ensure things are running efficiently. It is my pleasure to lead Epsilon Eta, a group of loyal and authentic women. Through Kappa I have made friendships that I know will abide for a lifetime, and I am extremely proud to be a member of this sisterhood.

The Epsilon Eta chapter is a diverse group of women with different interests, gifts, and passions, but all unified through our love for Kappa, Auburn, and each other. Kappa Kappa Gamma is defined by loyalty, depth, and sincerity. We focus on fostering each chapter member's individual growth so that every woman can go out and impact the Auburn community in their own unique way. Each woman in Kappa contributes her true self, making Epsilon Eta a thriving space for sincere friendships and lasting sisterhood. 

Please follow along for an exciting year! 



Eleanor Clements 

President, Epsilon Eta Chapter