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Campus Involvement

You can find Kappas all over Auburn's campus! As a chapter, we are enthusiastic about getting involved in other organizations on campus and contributing our part to making the Auburn community so great. Whether it's volunteering through Auburn University Dance Marathon or being a leader on SGA Cabinet, sisters of Kappa love getting involved and making our mark on campus. Below are some of the many organizations that our sisters are proud to be a part of!


Lauren Urban – Executive Director of Elections

Katelyn Lawrence – College of Engineering Senator

School’s Council
Jacquelyn Terrell – Vice President of the College of Agriculture

Organizations Board
Lauren Spiwak, Lauren Urban

University Program Council (UPC)
Bree Cobine, Julia Allen, Katie Pope, Kendall Peel, Alex Frank

Freshman Forum
Lauren Spiwak, Tess Baren

Emilie Rihner - Team Leader, Triple E Award, Emerge Leadership Award, Emily Doody - Spark Team Leader, Madison Thomas - Team Leader, Alexa Zarvos, Elizabeth Bundrick, Tess Roberts, Autumn Ball, Katie Batcho, Meagan Shearer, Alyssa Niblett, Kate Hanson, Isabella Godby, Mary Collins, Megan Hagmaier, Maddy Thomas, Jenna Robertson, Clare Cromwell, Elise Naman


Lauren Spiwak – Administrative Vice resident (2018), Director of Campus Relations (2017), Liaison to UPC (2016), Lauren Urban – Director of Junior Panhellenic (2019)

Recruitment Executive Board
Carleigh Cleveland – Director of Recruitment Operations


Successfully Orienting Students (SOS)
Hope Feuerbach, Anna Solomonik

Student Recruiters
Mary Ann Collins, Erin Todd


Alternative Student Breaks
Emilie Rihner – Spring Break Site Leader, Avery Nobles

Auburn University Dance Marathon (AUDM)
Tess Roberts – VP of Finance
Montgomery Lee-Todd – Director of Fundraising
Hope Ward – Assistant Director of Alum
Lian Shepherd – Assistant Director of Campus Involvement
Alyssa Niblett – Assistant Director of Dancer Engagement

Myracle Dorsett – Dancer Relations Committee, Paige Givan – Finance Committee, Emma Hampton – Freshmen FTK Committee, Kelsey Shoenmeyer – Hospital Relations Committee, Taylor Wolf – Multimedia Committee, Alex Camerlengo, Megan Hoffman, Alyssa Dominguez, Anna Solomonik, Mia Kirila, Alexa Zarvos, Megan Hagmaier, Mary Harris, Ada Folmar, Lizzy Field, Katie Fuller, Paula Bernstein, Annie Lee, Lindsay Winters

Auburn for Water
Kiersten Keely – President
Alexa Zarvos, Delaney Sumlar

Auburn Mentoring Program
Rebecca Price

Best Buddies
Pi Chi, Katie Fuller, Blair Caiton

The BIG Event
Emilie Rihner - President, VP of Operations
Elizabeth Callaway, Hannah Hall, Megan Hagmaier, Ella Guven, Emilie Rihner, Montgomery-Lee Todd, Anna Solomonik, Lauren Urban 

Beat Bama Food Drive
Julia Allen, Lindsey Meadows

Committee of 19
Kailey Beckett

Victoria Barker - Project Coordinator
Callie Simon, Pi Chi, Megan Hoffman, Claire Reichley, Victoria Barker, Raechel Schultz

Project Uplift Mentoring Program
Callie Simon, Annie Finan, Molly Depner, Victoria Barker, Katherine Price

Red Cross Club
Pi Chi

Spring Up – Center for Leadership and Ethics
Hannah Lusk, Emma Hampton, Emma Strickland, Kate Hanson, Elizabeth Bundrick


Alpha Epsilon Delta
Callie Simon, Meagen Shearer, Kassandra Mentlick, Victoria Barker

Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity
Lauren Theiss - Vice President of Finance
Allegra Lynch - Vice President of Administration

Alpha Lambda Delta
Kailey Beckett

Alpha Pi Mu
Taylor Feagin - Secretary

Beta Alpha Psi
Alex Frank – Treasurer 
Montgomery-Lee Todd, Lauren Turner, Annabel Antoniak, Megan Hagmaier, Jacqui Barnes


Cardinal Key 
Megan Hagmaier - Treasurer

Financial Management Association Honors Society

Alexa Zarvos, Katie Leone

Gamma Beta Phi
Jordan Hall, Kate Hanson, Camille Preston

Global Studies Club
Mary Collins

Honors College
Megan Hagmaier, Ella Guven, Montgomery-Lee Todd, Annie Lee, Tess Roberts, Emilie Rihner, Megan Hoffman, Saber Paustian

Honors College Ambassador
Megan Hagmaier

Honors Congress
Megan Hagmaier, Alexa Zarvos, Samantha Warner, Alyssa Dominguez

Honors Forum
Alexa Zarvos – Peer Instructor

Honors Serves
Megan Hagmaier, Alexa Zarvos, Alyssa Dominguez

Lambda Eta Pi
Catie Asarch

Mortar Board
Lauren Urban

National Society of Collegiate Scholar
Myracle Dorsett, Pi Chi

Peer Instructor 
Dani Effley

Phi Eta Sigma
Kailey Beckett, Elizabeth Ponder, Bess Jay, Alyssa Dominguez, Abigail Chapin

Phi Kappa Phi
Elise Bauer

Pi Tau Sigma
Elise Bauer - Treasurer
Laine Alby

Psi Chi
Pi Chi

Rho Lambda
Tess Roberts - President

Lauren Urban, Alexa Zarvos, Lizzy Field, Catie Asarch, Tess Roberts, Megan Hagmaier, Sarah Flowers, Annie Lee, Emilie Rihner

Supplemental Instruction Leader
Pi Chi, Callie Simon

Tau Beta Pi
Laine Alby, Elise Bauer

Teaching Assistant
Lauren Urban, Kahley Firestone, Tess Baren

Undergraduate Research Advisors
Kaitlyn Lawrence – President
Callie Simon

Tess Roberts – Undergraduate Research Assistant

Elizabeth Bundrick – Ambassador, Mentor

Alexa Zarvos – Student Associate at OPCD, Undergraduate Advisory Council Member, Harbert Connects Member

Executive Society
Montgomery-Lee Todd


AU Singers
Nikki Ahlf - Vice President (2020)

AU Choir
Paige Needham, Saber Paustian

AU Rhythm
Taylor Feagin


Athletic Recruiters
Alex Camerlengo

Campus Recreation
ess Roberts – Membership Specialist
Nikki Denton - Membership Specialist

Club Sports
Sarah Kowal - Volleyball, Abigail Chapin - Field Hockey, Pi Chi – Tigerwake, Raechel Schultz -Tigerwake, Rachel Copelan - Swim, Camille Preston - Swim, Elise Naman - Soccer

Soccer Sweethearts
Summer Rydson, Megan Ward

Tiger Splashers
Maggie Ward – Vice President of Communications, Julia Allen – Spirit Chair, Poster Chair, Emma Georgeoff

Diamond Dolls
Anna Lauryn Carmichael, Sydney Blaxton

War Eagle Productions
Pi Chi


Auburn Community Church
Elizabeth Ponder, Abigail Chapin - Host Team, Sabrina Cuadra, Caroline Doran, Annie Lee, Lauren Urban, Adelaide Weed, Pi Chi, Lindsay Winters, Brielle Stein, Erin Todd, Savannah Klein

Catholic Student Organization
Pi Chi - Council Member, Elise Naman, Camille Preston, Ann Sheldon

Church of the Highlands
Montgomery-Lee Todd – 2:52 Intern, Highlands Kids Volunteer, Mia Kirila – 2:52 Intern, Raechel Schultz - 2:52 Intern, Kiana Bohanan - 2:52 Intern, Kathleen Ford – 2:52 Intern, Kailey Beckett, Victoria Barker, Autumn Ball, Savannah Bonner

Christ Presbyterian Church 
Hallie Sands, Katherine Price

First Baptist Church of Opelika
Jordan Hall, Paige Given

Izzy Perling, Catie Asarch

The Oaks Retreat
Katie White, Elizabeth Ponder, Sabrina Cuadra, Paige Givan, Elizabeth Bundrick, Katie White, Emery Alexander

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)
Molly Depner, Pi Chi, Katherine Price, Lindsay Winters, Meagan Shearer, Hallie Sands, Elizabeth Bundrick

St. Michael’s Catholic Church
Emilie Rihner, Elise Bauer, Taylor Wolf, Tess Baren, Natalie Smith, Emily O'Neil, Mary Collins 

Sabrina Cuadra, Amanda Diamond, Lauren Urban, Katie Phelan, Brielle Stein, Pi Chi – Leaders
Elizabeth Bundrick, Meagen Shearer, Pi Chi


American Chemical Society
Kaitlyn Lawrence - President

American Institute of Architecture Students
Haley Lozak

American Institute of Chemical Engineers
Megan Hoffman, Kaitlyn Lawence

American Society of Interior Designers
Taylor Wolf

Apparel Merchandising and Design Association
Taylor Grant, Katie Pope, Elizabeth Bundrick

Association of Mathematics Education Students
Paige Givan

AU Explore
Clare Cromwell - Team Leader

Auburn University Marketing Association
Annie Finan

Auburn University Silver Wings Fraternity
Emilie Rihner, Megan Hoffman

Auburn University Small Satellite Program
Elizabeth Foster

Be Well Hut
Anna Solomonik, Izzy Perling, Rebekah Lomax, Emma Hampton

Engineers Without Borders
Megan Hoffman

Exercise is Medicine
Tess Roberts – Student Ambassador

Financial Leadership Society
Montgomery-Lee Todd, Megan Hagmaier, Annabel Antoniak, Jacqui Barnes

Sabrina Mashburn – Director of Online Content, Executive Director of External Communications, Greek Life Section Editor

International Buddy Program
Emma Simon, Myracle Dorsett

Microbiology Club
Emilie Rihner, Victoria Barker

Outdoor Adventure Club
Myracle Dorsett, Emily Brown, Raechel Schultz

Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy Club
Rachel Copelan, Allee Coble, Tess Roberts

Pre-PA Club
Alyssa Niblett

Pre-Pharmacy Club
Izzy Perling, Alyssa Niblett

Pups on the Plains
Sarah Stephens – Co-Founder

School of Industrial and Graphic Design Student Advisory Committee
Saber Paustian 

Society of Women Engineers
Megan Hoffman – President (2020), Vice President (2019), Blair Caiton, Mia Kirila, Erica Dukat

Student Alumni Association
Abigail Chapin, Emma Hampton, Mary Harris, Emma Hampton

Student Nurses Association
Kailey Beckett, Paula Bernstein, Pi Chi

WEGL Radio
Emma Saftner

Women in Aviation
Mattie Bohanan – Striped Wings Ambassador

Women in Science Club
Callie Simon, Emma Simon